Handy Tips

Stretchy Cord 
Tie the ends in a square knot and placing a drop of jeweler's glue on the knot. This works best with necklaces that don't have a lot of weight.

Bead Boards 
A bead board makes it easier to see what your finished necklace will look like. Start your design at the bottom (at zero), and work your way up toward the ends. The numbers on the board tell you how long your finished design will be.

Oxidizing with an Egg? 
Yes you can. I thought this was just too cool, and here's how you do it:
Simply place your silver jewelry in a plastic bag (larger pieces work better with this process) and leave it open and ready to transfer the eggs to as soon as they're finished cooking. The size of the bag depends on how much jewelry you're oxidizing (the bag needs to be big enough so pieces don't touch each other in bag). 
Hard boil 3 or 4 eggs depending on how much jewelry you're working with.  Remove the cooked eggs from the boiling water, and place them in the open plastic bag. (It doesn't matter if they touch the jewelry.) 
Now here's the fun part! Close the bag almost all the way and crush the eggs,  (especially the yolks, cuz that's where all the good stuff is), using a utensil or other object to protect your hands from the hot eggs. Close the bag completely when you're done crushing. 
Turn the bag over several times during the oxidation process, making sure jewelry pieces remain separated. This step allows for even oxidation. 
Your jewelry will gradually begin to turn that lovely grayish-black color. Waiting time can be anywhere from minutes to hours to overnight, depending on the look you wish to achieve.
When your ideal level of oxidation has been reached, simply remove jewelry from bag and throw away the mess. No muss, no fuss!
Wash your jewelry using clear water or a mild soap and water solution. Shine your newly oxidized silver using fine (0000) steel wool  or a polishing cloth. Steel wool can create scratches if you're not careful, so if you're worried about that, stick to the polishing cloth. 

Liver of Sulfur 
Liver of sulfur is another way to create an aged look in metal jewelry. Soak your metal jewelry in liver of sulfur and wait until it darkens the surface and settles into the recesses of the piece. After the look you want is achieved, rinse the jewelry and shine with a polishing cloth. 

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