Bloom Where You Are Planted

"Bloom Where You Are Planted" reminds me of a dear friend of mine who was separated from her daughters almost a decade ago when she and her husband had to relocate for business. Although she misses her girls dearly, she has adapted beautifully to every location she's found herself in. She's an inspiration to me, and I think "Bloom Where You Are Planted" must have been penned with her in mind. I know this necklace was ...

The antique brass pendant is a little over an inch in diameter and hangs over a 21mm x 23mm frosted mocha Lucite trumpet flower enveloping a 10mm x 6mm transparent tangerine acrylic flower and amber freshwater pearl. The flower is topped with an apricot glass bicone sitting atop an antique brass leaf bead cap. The 22 1/2 inch genuine suede olivine cord ties in the back to any length that goes best with your outfit.

HAF Etsy team "Transformation" Challenge

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Autumn Leaves

A cluster of Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals sparkle in rich autumn shades of gold, orange, and brown and dangle over beautiful 54mm x 31mm antique bronze leaves. The leaves hang 2 inches from the bottom of the lead and nickel free antique copper ear wires.

Green Gold

The main focus of these Victorian styly earrings are the 10mm glass pearls in the prettiest shade of dusty pale green, gently caressed by beautiful antique bronze bead caps. A 4mm honey AB Czech glass bead sits atop.

These dainty earrings hang approximately 1 1/2 inches from the top of the lead and nickel free antique bronze French hook ear wires.

Feelin' Green

My Swarovski and Silver earrings have been chosen for this beautiful treasury on Etsy!

Sea Blue Quartz

Lovely faceted 12x8 tear drop sea blue quartz briolettes are wrapped in 22 gauge sterling silver wire and hang one inch from the sterling silver French hook ear wires. 

Bronze Beauty Necklace

Links of various shapes and sizes combine to make this unique 19” antique bronze chain. A beautiful antique bronze pendant with peridot colored butterfly on flowers dotted with multicolored stones adds beauty and a bit of whimsy. A cluster of amber and cream freshwater pearls, ivory pearls and antique bronze glass heart are the finishing touch to this fanciful design. The lobster claw clasp closes in front for ease of use.

Cafe Mocha

These romantic vintage style earrings are made with 4mm peridot Swarovski crystals, 10mm x 6mm transparent tangerine acrylic flowers and antique brass flower bead caps, all tucked inside 21mm x 23mm frosted coffee Lucite trumpet flowers, topped with antique brass bead caps, antique copper daisy spacers and 4mm chocolate Swarovski crystals.

Earrings hang approximately 1 ½ inches from lead and nickel free antique copper French hook ear wires.

Bronze Beauty Earrings

The vintage look is definitely in! Antique bronze hearts on ivory glass pearls are paired here with beautiful amber and cream freshwater pearls. Round and oval antique bronze links provide the perfect frame. Length is approximately two inches from the top of the lead and nickel free antique bronze ear wires.

These Swarovski and sterling silver earrings were listed on Etsy from my new jewelry line yesterday. They were sold in less than 12 hours to a customer from Brisbane, Australia. I love the thought of my jewelry being worn in places like Australia, England and Canada. Isn't online selling great?

In With the New!

The time has finally arrived! The first item in my new collection will be posted on Etsy tomorrow, and I'm very excited about the unveiling.

This new line has been designed to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and styles. I've added varied materials for a more complete collection and an even better opportunity for people to find something that speaks to their soul.

I hope you'll not only stop by tomorrow, but often. There will be something new added every day!


Custom Chainmaille Jewelry specializing in sterling silver and other metals made using this ancient technique.

"Hearting" Yourself First

I've been contemplating the success of my shop on Etsy recently. What I want my shop to be and what it is, are often two different things. I love having an online store, but it does get discouraging when I have some items with over 150 views and several hearts and they're still sitting in my shop, waiting for someone to give them a loving home. During the slow times it's hard to remain positive about being an online seller. I sometimes wait weeks between sales, and those weeks seem more like months. Sometimes I just have to back away from my computer screen and take a deep breath, or I would drive myself crazy, constantly looking for that "special" Etsy email that tells me I've made a sale. It sometimes makes me wonder if I'm seeing something in my jewelry that others don't. Self doubt can be terribly counterproductive when you're a crafter, but it's challenging to remain consistently optimistic about one's own artistic abilities when no one else seems to be paying attention. I feel a kind of kinship to actors. We all love positive feedback from our audience, and when we don't get it, it can definitely affect us in a negative way. As soon as I make another sale, all is right with the world again. I have renewed creative energy and a much better mood to boot! Every little sale feels to me like a tiny little Academy Award. It's a message from my customers that they feel I've done something and done it well. I think the desire for that kind of recognition, whether you're a casual crafter or an accomplished and successful handmade seller, is a universal trait amongst us artsy types ... and it's a good thing as long as we remember that it's what we think of our own work that really matters.  

Happy selling everyone!

Coming Soon on Etsy

Look for new items to be listed in my shop every day beginning October 25th ...
Beautiful black finishing touches for your Sexy Witch/Vampira/Elvira needs ...