"Hearting" Yourself First

I've been contemplating the success of my shop on Etsy recently. What I want my shop to be and what it is, are often two different things. I love having an online store, but it does get discouraging when I have some items with over 150 views and several hearts and they're still sitting in my shop, waiting for someone to give them a loving home. During the slow times it's hard to remain positive about being an online seller. I sometimes wait weeks between sales, and those weeks seem more like months. Sometimes I just have to back away from my computer screen and take a deep breath, or I would drive myself crazy, constantly looking for that "special" Etsy email that tells me I've made a sale. It sometimes makes me wonder if I'm seeing something in my jewelry that others don't. Self doubt can be terribly counterproductive when you're a crafter, but it's challenging to remain consistently optimistic about one's own artistic abilities when no one else seems to be paying attention. I feel a kind of kinship to actors. We all love positive feedback from our audience, and when we don't get it, it can definitely affect us in a negative way. As soon as I make another sale, all is right with the world again. I have renewed creative energy and a much better mood to boot! Every little sale feels to me like a tiny little Academy Award. It's a message from my customers that they feel I've done something and done it well. I think the desire for that kind of recognition, whether you're a casual crafter or an accomplished and successful handmade seller, is a universal trait amongst us artsy types ... and it's a good thing as long as we remember that it's what we think of our own work that really matters.  

Happy selling everyone!

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