Sammis2shoes is a handmade shop that incorporates unconditional, colorful and authetically crafted journals, paper goods, and personable items for you and the ones you love! 

"I am an environmentalist, and I endear to use recycled products during the handmade process. 

Every item is handmade, altered, or both is some way.

In a way, I believe that everyone must be able to purchase a product of mine, and that is why I price my products accordingly. 
Take a look around, handmade items are unique, one of a kind, and made always with love, and in an eco-friendly 
friendly way." :O)

Coptic Bound Handmade stitched Journal, Notebook ' Kiddiewinkles Series' (c)


  1. Thank you Nancy for featuring my shop here !

    I am so appreciative of this, and I know you will be blessed because of the smile you gave to me today:)

    Merry Christmas Nancy *hugs*

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