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If you have a particular hobby or passion such as sewing, making jewelry or any number of other artsy-craftsy things, and wish you could quit your boring 9-5 job to earn a living doing what you love to do---go for it!

Perhaps mankind is growing weary of mass produced, sweatshop cookie cutter junk and is turning back to hand crafted items produced by true artisans.

Maybe in this age of fast food restaurants, microwaves, fast lanes and faster lifestyles, people are simply feeling a desire to slow down and savor things that don’t come with instant gratification.

Things, for instance, that have been lovingly hand made by artists and craftsmen and women who don’t try to rush or hurry the process of making something beautiful…. A one of a kind item that will stand the test of time…an heirloom in the making.

We might speculate on all the possible reasons for the success of a relatively new website that sells all handcrafted items: Etsy.

But, for whatever reasons there may be, the cold hard facts are that Etsy’s sales soared dramatically from $26 million in 2007 to an astounding $87.5 in 2008, with over $100 million in sales up to December of 2009.

That’s one heck of a jump in sales!

There are undoubtedly some war-weary eBay sellers who have jumped the eBay ship and taken their handmade wares to Etsy, due to the much lower fee structure and seller friendly atmosphere on Etsy.

Etsy charges a mere $0.20 per listing and a very modest 3.5% commission on items sold. Contrast that with GreedBay’s outrageous fees that often run close to 20% overall, depending on the category, and it’s easy to understand why the eBay sellers who could make the transition are doing so in droves.

Etsy caters to the unique and authentic items that can’t be found in the cheaply made, sleazy crapola that is taking over eBay.
Obviously, contrary to what the big dogs at eBay seem to think, buyers really are interested in this type of item and will buy it when it is offered.

The gigantic growth spurt in sellers, products and sales on Etsy are ample proof of that!

So, if your friends, relatives and coworkers all beg for one of your hand knit sweaters or scarves, maybe you should seriously consider starting your own little cottage industry business by making the things you specialize in at home and selling them on Etsy.

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