I Heart You Necklace

This beautiful antique brass necklace is for romantics only. A delicate 17" antique brass cable chain with brass metal rounds and antique bronze glass heart insert holds a circle pendant adorned with ivory glass pearls, amber freshwater pearls, copper Crystallized Swarovski Elements pearls surrounding a gorgeous Tiger Eye quartz round. An antique bronze glass heart takes center stage on the pendant. Necklace closes in back with an antique brass lobster claw clasp.
Quartz that is formed not of one single crystal but a number of finely grained microcrystals is known as chalcedony. Tiger eye is a member of this beautiful group of semi-precious chalcedony.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Tiger Eye:
Tiger eye is a balancing stone that helps to calm fears and give perspective to upsetting circumstances. It can also help you become more attuned with planetary energies because it serves as a bridge linking sky and earth energies. Tiger eye offers light to dark energies.
Remedy Benefits of Tiger Eye:
Gives clarity
Balances solar plexus chakra
Promotes intuition
Yin yang balancer
Reflects light

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