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Felted Heart in a Box
Unrequited Love
Hand Beaded Blue Heart Pin or Brooch
Libby of raven333 is an artist in search of the perfect medium. She dabbles in a bit of everything, but has a special love for felting and dyeing roving. Aside from her busy life as a microbiologist at the Centers for Disease Control, she belongs to the SouthEastern Felting Guild, the Tangled Threads Doll club and many other groups on Yahoo. Libby is currently back at school to achieve a diploma in Web Design. "It is hard for me to get back into the learning groove, but I am enjoying it. Studying and homework are taking up most of my time these days, art has taken a background seat for awhile." 
To visit Libby's shop on Etsy, click on the title above.


  1. Great post!
    I love all the mixed media and beaded pieces but my favorite are her dolls!

  2. You chose some great items from raven's Etsy shop to showcase in your post! She has quite an ecclectic collection of beautiful items that include her felted items.

  3. Love that heart, that must of taken forever!

  4. Fabulously talented artisan! Great post.

  5. Beautiful work by this very talented artist - I also love the dolls and the majestic colours used in the majority of her work.

  6. I love the eclectic nature of this artist! Fabulous post!