Antiqued Brass Floral Pendant Necklace

May Flowers Always Line Your Path is the sentiment behind this beautiful floral themed antiqued brass pendant necklace. The necklace features dual antiqued brass chains and a 1 1/2 inch antiqued brass connector with three daisy style flowers. Necklace is 21 1/2 inches long and closes in back with an easy to use lobster claw clasp.

Orca Whales

From Whale - 

Killer Whale Facts: ACTIVITIES:

"Killer whales exhibit a wide variety of activities as they go about their daily lives. The activities of killer whale groups fall into four categories: foraging, travelling, resting, and socializing.
Foraging is the most common activity, and appears where the whales are feeding or appear to be searching for food. Different patterns of foraging are evident in both residents and transients, depending on the type of prey. Members of a pod frequently cooperate in hunts.
Travelling is when a group of killer whales are travelling consistently in one direction in a moderate to fast pace in relatively tight formation. They may travel from one good feeding spot to another, or it could simply be a means of transiting an area.
Members of a group will often rest after foraging. The whales typically group together, diving and surfacing as a cohesive unit. When resting, whales slow down and at times stop altogether, and usually become very quiet underwater. Periods of rest may last from less than an hour to more than 7 hours. Resting is not very common in transients.
Socializing among killer whales includes a great variety of interactions between members of the group. Behaviours seen during socializing episodes include various aerial displays including breaching, spyhopping, tail slapping, beach rubbing, and flipper slapping. Whales may also interact with inanimate objects such as kelp and have also been seen to surf in the wake of passing boats.


Killer whales can also be distinguished by the kinds of underwater communication sounds they produce - squeals, squawks, and screams are used for social communication within and between groups. Killer Whale clans, like dolphins, can be distinguished by their different dialects.
Killer whales have acute hearing and also acute vision both in and out of the water.
Echolocation enables them to locate and discriminate objects by projecting high-frequency sound waves and listening for echoes.  Killer whales echolocate by producing clicking sounds and then receiving and interpreting the resulting echo.

Killer Whale Facts: LIFE SPAN:

Some males have been known to live well into their 40s and perhaps to 50-60 years old. Females have been known to live to 60-80 years old."
From Stefan Jacobs of the Center for Whale Research
"Of  the 194 killer whales in captivity since 1964, almost 2/3 didn’t make it passed 10 years in captivity. Less than thirty orcas survived more than 20 years in captivity."

Beautiful wild animals such as these DO NOT BELONG IN CAPTIVITY, despite human desire to see them up close and personal. 

Metal Reign

An amazing Chainmaille artist and Indiejteam member. Click on the title above to see all this artist's wonderful creations on Etsy ...
Byzantine Flower

Paul and Kate Studio--A Love Story

Check out this wonderful story from the Etsy Storque about two people and their love for ceramics and each other ...

Red Light Cameras in Illinois--Enough is Enough

My husband and my father have both been recently ticketed at the same intersection as a result of red light cameras. The citations were for not coming to a full and complete stop before turning right on a red. They didn't blow though the intersection, they almost, but didn't completely come to a full, motionless stop. My husband and my father are safe drivers with clean driving records, and any driver who tells the truth must admit that they themselves have done this on occasion after looking both ways, coming to an almost complete stop, and then judging it safe to proceed.

I haven't heard that Illinois roads have become suddenly safer as a result of these cameras, but millions of dollars have been raised from unsuspecting motorists at these intersections, probably most of whom have excellent driving skills and no previous moving violations on their licenses. Additionally, in my experience, no one has seen or heard of any major improvements that have been made with the revenue collected from these red light cameras and the numerous $100 tickets they've produced. Of course, there is the matter of that teeny tiny deficit we face in this state, so I guess any improvements might have to wait until we pay all the bills.

Enough is enough. No one I know in the Chicagoland area is aware of a rash of auto accidents that have taken place as a result of people turning right on red where allowed. If there was such a problem, I would assume making the intersections in question "no turn on red" intersections instead of installing these "Big Brother" type cameras, whose primary purpose is to generate revenue, would be a more effective solution to the problem. Yes, we are in the midst of a terrible financial crisis, which many of the tax payers and citizens of this great state believe is largely due to politics as usual here in Illinois, but for the legislature to create further ways of punishing their constituents is ill advised and atrocious ... and unfortunately, here in Illinois, it seems to be business as usual.

My husband is ill and has been out of work for over two and a half years, and we live under extreme fnancial hardship, but somewhere we're going to have to find an extra $100 to fill the State of Illinois coffers. How long before the weary citizens of this state begin to wonder if moving out of Illinois is a choice they could be forced to make?

Tuscan Road

Holly of Tuscan Road describes herself as just an average everyday woman, married with two boys, one in high school and one in college. She also carries three jobs, enjoys gardening and travel, and still manages to find time for her passion: making jewelry. In truth, there is nothing average about Holly or her jewelry. She truly is as multifaceted as the beautiful gems she uses.
 "I love to work with color and texture, Swarovski Crystal and the natural beauty of Semi Precious Gemstones. Many of my pieces have an eclectic, asymmetrical style. I have consistently been inspired during my numerous world travels, always keeping an eye out for the beautiful and unusual bead or idea that helps make these one-of-a-kind creations so unique." 
Here are just a few examples of how that inspiration shines through in her beautiful jewelry:
Mother of Pearl Inlay Earrings
To see more of Holly's beautiful creations, visit her shop on Etsy,

Dream Bubbles Reverie

Thank you Dream Bubbles Reverie for a wonderful feature article.

Love Your Life!

Love Your Life NecklaceDelicate oval and round antique gold metal links, alternating with sparkling 4mm gold and peridot bicones which are wire wrapped and separated by spacers, are the components in the 19 1/2 inch chain. The drop is approximately 4 inches long with alternating links and bicones leading to the two inch wide antique gold metal heart. The heart surrounds two bicones and the metal lock and key to the "love your life" sentiment. 

This necklace is the perfect way to show your lock on a positive outlook on life, or the perfect gift for someone with whom you wish to share that positivity.

Dainty Delights Flower Earrings

These sweet and petite earrings are perfect for romantics of all ages. Subtle apricot orange Czech glass beads peek out from under 10mm x 6mm transparent coffee brown acrylic Lucite flower cap beads and 15mm daisy style antique bronze bead caps which contain no nickel. Earrings dangle 1 1/4 inches from the top of the no lead or nickel antique copper French hook ear wires.

Jeweled Ambrosia on Etsy

The owner of Jeweled Ambrosia is a hairstylist, {occasional) college student and SAHM to a 4 year old, and a 2 year old. As if all this wasn't enough, she is also an extremely talented jeweler.

"Each piece I create is imagined, sketched, designed, "tested" and modeled by me, to make sure it is comfortable and easy to wear. As many of my items have vintage components, many are one of a kind and are very dear to me. I am a happpy SRAJD Member #1382 Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer. For information regarding my policies/payment/shipping/returns and exchanges/wholesale/feedback... please follow the link below:

I am working on my jewelry here at Jeweled Ambrosia, and on my Little Lovables shop ( , filling it with felt accessories, monster puppets, plushies and other cute and fun stuff. Check back for updates!"

Here are just a few of the wonderful creations from this talented artist:

Vanity Fair Necklace


To say that Monika Rose crochets is putting it mildly. She also dabbles in embroidery, resin and knitting and her creations are nothing short of amazing. Monika says she began crocheting two years ago after purchasing a basic crocheting book, large size crochet hook and a length of rope, and she's been "hooked" ever since. Monika's creations are mainly bright and colorful, but she also has some lovely white doilies in her collection, and she also makes beautiful beaded jewelry. To read Monika's blog and see more photos of her work and her native Australia, click on the link above or you can visit her shop on Etsy.

Red Soft Scarf

Wire Wrapped Bracelet - In Pinks and Greens

Red Fox Jewelry

You would think being a Mom, a Grandmother, and driving a tractor trailer for a living would be enough jobs for any one person, but the owner of Red Fox Jewelry didn't stop there. Next it was classes in chainmaille, beading and wire wrapping and soon a bright, talented jewelry artist was born. Below are just a few examples of the beautiful jewelry that can be found at Red Fox Jewelry (named after a beloved pet with a striking resemblance to a fox) on Etsy.

Desert Lightning Painted Jasper Wirewrapped Cabochon Pendant in Copper and Sterling Silver
Petite Copper Arrowhead Bangle Bracelet with Indian Corn Swarovski Crystals
Chunky Copper Chainmaille Byzantine Bracelet w/ Handmade Chunky Clasp

Lavish Links Necklace

The main focus of this bold and beautiful necklace are alternating links of antique brass and grey and black metal in ascending sizes. These large links are bound together by hexagon oxidized brass links and are connected to an oxidized brass link chain. 

Chains and links no lead or nickel. Necklace is 19" long.

Anagram for Ink: Artwork by Niko Silvester

White Raven Ink is the workshop of Niko Silvester (aka Anagram for Ink). Hand bookbinding and letterpress printing are the focus, but related disciplines are often drafted as necessary. White Raven Ink has made use of intaglio printmaking, lithography, relief printmaking, photography and hand-colouring to produce one-of-a-kind works and small editions in both book form and print form. Fine stationery, including hand-printed business cards, greeting cards, calendars and invitations, also falls into the compass of White Raven Ink. According to Niko, "If it's a book, I'll make it, and if it can be printed, I'll print it." The following are just a couple examples of her artistic talent. Click on the title above to visit her blog for more links and information about her beautiful work.

SteamBook - Quartermaster's Accountbook handbound steampunk notebook

SteamBook - Quartermaster's Accountbook handbound steampunk notebook

Little Handbound Book Necklace - Purple + Blue Japanese Style Binding

Little Handbound Book Necklace - Purple + Blue Japanese Style Binding

Pale Peach and Petite Earrings by Jewelrybynala

Love Your Life!

Delicate oval and round antique gold metal links, alternating with sparkling 4mm gold and peridot bicones which are wire wrapped and separated by spacers, are the components in the 19 1/2 inch chain. The drop is approximately 4 inches long with alternating links and bicones leading to the two inch wide antique gold metal heart. The heart surrounds two bicones and the metal lock and key to the "love your life" sentiment. 

This necklace is the perfect way to show you have a lock on a positive outlook on life, or the perfect gift for someone with whom you wish to share that positivity.