Red Light Cameras in Illinois--Enough is Enough

My husband and my father have both been recently ticketed at the same intersection as a result of red light cameras. The citations were for not coming to a full and complete stop before turning right on a red. They didn't blow though the intersection, they almost, but didn't completely come to a full, motionless stop. My husband and my father are safe drivers with clean driving records, and any driver who tells the truth must admit that they themselves have done this on occasion after looking both ways, coming to an almost complete stop, and then judging it safe to proceed.

I haven't heard that Illinois roads have become suddenly safer as a result of these cameras, but millions of dollars have been raised from unsuspecting motorists at these intersections, probably most of whom have excellent driving skills and no previous moving violations on their licenses. Additionally, in my experience, no one has seen or heard of any major improvements that have been made with the revenue collected from these red light cameras and the numerous $100 tickets they've produced. Of course, there is the matter of that teeny tiny deficit we face in this state, so I guess any improvements might have to wait until we pay all the bills.

Enough is enough. No one I know in the Chicagoland area is aware of a rash of auto accidents that have taken place as a result of people turning right on red where allowed. If there was such a problem, I would assume making the intersections in question "no turn on red" intersections instead of installing these "Big Brother" type cameras, whose primary purpose is to generate revenue, would be a more effective solution to the problem. Yes, we are in the midst of a terrible financial crisis, which many of the tax payers and citizens of this great state believe is largely due to politics as usual here in Illinois, but for the legislature to create further ways of punishing their constituents is ill advised and atrocious ... and unfortunately, here in Illinois, it seems to be business as usual.

My husband is ill and has been out of work for over two and a half years, and we live under extreme fnancial hardship, but somewhere we're going to have to find an extra $100 to fill the State of Illinois coffers. How long before the weary citizens of this state begin to wonder if moving out of Illinois is a choice they could be forced to make?

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