Tuscan Road

Holly of Tuscan Road describes herself as just an average everyday woman, married with two boys, one in high school and one in college. She also carries three jobs, enjoys gardening and travel, and still manages to find time for her passion: making jewelry. In truth, there is nothing average about Holly or her jewelry. She truly is as multifaceted as the beautiful gems she uses.
 "I love to work with color and texture, Swarovski Crystal and the natural beauty of Semi Precious Gemstones. Many of my pieces have an eclectic, asymmetrical style. I have consistently been inspired during my numerous world travels, always keeping an eye out for the beautiful and unusual bead or idea that helps make these one-of-a-kind creations so unique." 
Here are just a few examples of how that inspiration shines through in her beautiful jewelry:
Mother of Pearl Inlay Earrings
To see more of Holly's beautiful creations, visit her shop on Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/tuscanroad


  1. NaLa- I love that we picked at least one of the same items to highlight and I hadn't even noticed that pair of earrings. Fantastic choices & great article.

  2. Thanks for showing us Holly's beautiful work. She is definitely a talented artist!

  3. Great post love Holly's work she also has a lovely shop here on the Handmade Artists' Shop
    Tuscan Road! Love those earrings by the way! Your posts are such a pleasure to read. Thanks for all your support. NaLa

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful post.

  5. That bracelet is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Beautiful picks! I love that off-center look of hers. Makes each piece seem a bit more special and unique.

  7. This post was a pleasure to read. Holly is an incredible artist, and I love the pieces you chose to showcase!

  8. Beautiful creations, great post.