Inexpensive Display Ideas for Craft Shows

I'm always trying to come up with affordable ways to spice up my craft show tables, and I thought I would share a couple of ideas I've come up with over the years.

Earring Displays

Discarded produce boxes from the grocery store, spray painted and covered with a lacy tablecloth make a great tabletop display stand. On top of the draped boxes, I place a cheap, plastic lazy Susan, cover that with a round place mat and top the whole thing off with a pretty wrought iron basket. I hang my earrings on the basket, and it turns all the way around so people can see lots of my earrings in one spot. A small decorative mirror hangs down from the handle of the basket, which is at eye level for customer use.
Another great trick if you have lots and lots of earrings is to take a piece of foam board--I was lucky enough to find a large tri-fold foam board at a local craft store--then cover it in burlap. Simply tug the burlap tightly over the board and glue the pieces in the back. Be sure to try to keep the back as neat as possible, as many craft show promoters are as particular about the backs of your displays as they are about the fronts. Sometimes you'll be placed at a table in the middle of room at a craft show, and the backs of your displays will be extremely noticeable.

I really like this type of display, because the earrings hang snug and secure to the holes in the burlap, and when the display is on a tabletop, your earrings are just the right height for easy viewing by your customers. With my tri-fold display, all I have to do before a show is fold it up so the earrings are on the inside, place it inside of a plastic garbage bag, and I'm good to go! If you're able to keep the board standing up in your vehicle, the burlap keeps the earrings safely in place on the board during the trip.


For a little extra sparkle where I need it, I use a handful of mini LED flashlights. My flashlights have little straps on them which I attach to a pretty recycled wrought iron bird cage I found in a thrift store. I painted the cage black to match my earring baskets. Because the bird cage is round, I can hang the flashlights to shine anywhere on the table I want them to, and they give off just enough light to give select pieces of my jewelry that little extra pop and pizzazz. The batteries in the flashlights last around 12-16 hours, which will give you the light you need for a two day craft show.

So now you know my favorite economical craft show tips. If you have any of your own that you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them!

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