A Blushing Kiss: An Etsy Treasury East by VOLEUR DE BIJOUX

Monique of Voleur de Bijoux is a bronze sculptor and abstract painter by day and a jewelry designer by night. Shown here is her Etsy Treasury East entitled "A Blushing Kiss," in which she generously showcases the talents of some of her friends. But Monique is an artist in her own right. Her love of Paris, fashion, bright colors and  natural beauty has inspired her lovely line of jewelry.
According to Monique, "This whole process of designing and creating jewelry was a dream come true for me. It's the perfect combination of working with my hands and using my creativity to turn ordinary objects into a thing of beauty. I call it my wearable art because I look at each piece as an artistic design. I specialize in distinctive handmade creations with a romantic flare that invokes a retro glam feel. I love collecting unique and lovely vintage findings, pearls and gemstones to incorporate in my jewelry designs. I feel like a little bird that loves to collect bits of treasures and store them in her nest until Spring comes. As the flowers bloom, so do these pieces of jewelry which are incorporated with these special vintage beads and colorful gemstones."
Below are a few examples of Monique's work:

Verona Venetian Blush Pink Quartz Earrings
Cerena Urban Glam Silver and Blue Pearl Necklace
Talle Venetian Ocean Blue Glass With Purple Blue Pearls Earrings
For more photos and information, visit Voleur de Bijoux on Etsy:

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    Gorgeous Jewelry by NaLa:

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