Kazumi of K&K Crafts and Designs

Introducing Kazumi of K&K Crafts and Designs "Where East Meets West".  She is one of the newest members of the Handmade Artists Forum and our featured artist of the week. From sock monkeys to  handmade bags to greeting cards to custom wedding announcements, to baby clothes, Kazumi does it all. I'm going to simply step aside here and slip in her own Etsy profile, where she so completely and beautifully explains what she's about and where you can find her works: 

My name is Kazumi and live in Japan.
I'm Sock Monkey-lover!
I love to do crafts and the drawing.

My first Sock Monkey is Socky!
His website is: http://sockyworld.com
Please visit him sometimes.:)
Here is my blog: http://crafts-project-log.blogspot.com
* Twitter: http://twitter.com/KazumiB
* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KnkCraftsAndDesigns

If you like these designs, please check out other goods (t-shirt, baby clothes, mug, hat and bag..etc!) with the same characters on my cafepress or zazzle store!

1) http://www.cafepress.com/knkdesigns
2) http://www.zazzle.com/Princess_Monkey*

Now enjoy the wondrous works of Kazumi ...
Amigurumi Sock Monkey Wedding

Stripe and Flower Mini Tote Bag
Sock Monkey Pop-up Card(Thank you)
SALE Mushroom - Brown Frame Purse(Small)


  1. Great article and I love her items, especially the Sock Monkeys.

  2. So diversely talented... makes me jealous!

  3. Those little crochet monkeys are too cute! Love the tote bag, too. Such a multi-talented artisan!

  4. She's so incredibly talented!

  5. So cheerful! Kazumi's work makes me smile.

  6. Too cute I'm telling you! And I think we have a thing for the 'shroom coin purse!

  7. She is so talented and it's wonderful to have an artist that isn't afraid of the language barriers either! Great post

  8. Wonderful artisan, great post.

  9. kazumi truly does do it all. How does she have the time?? Great post!

  10. Great post and of course love the monkeys