Live Eagle Cam!

Calling all nature lovers! Here's live activity from an eagle's nest on Hornby Island, a small island on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Just click on the title above or go to and you can see the live streaming video. Click on the first picture of the eagles, then click on the next screen and the video begins. You can enlarge the screen by clicking on the square in the lower center of the picture. The mother and dad come and go, bring fish to the nest, etc. The first time I tuned in, it was dusk and I only got to watch for a few minutes before the picture was too dark, but I got to see the baby cleaning himself, and then either mom or dad flew in and started cleaning the nest. The next morning, I eagerly tuned in again just in time to see mom stand up and fly away. It was breath taking and  some of the most amazing up close nature footage I've ever seen. I find myself tuning in often for fear I might miss something really cool. As a matter of fact, I keep the window open so I can check in and see what's happening. I got to see lunchtime this afternoon. The fledgling ate not one, not two, but three whole fish, fed carefully and patiently by mom. 
The nest activity is filmed by Doug and Sheila Carrick, who have been granted permission to shoot the footage for educational purposes from the Canadian government. Give yourself and your kids a treat and tune in to see a remarkable slice of nature that few people ever get to experience. If you arrive too late at night, the picture will be black, but tune in again the next day to see all the action--you won't be disappointed!

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