Handmade Artists Forum Spotlight On: Dreams and Echoes

Linda Talbot of  Dreams and Echoes, or more affectionately known as "Raedawn" by fellow Handmade Artists Forum members, began her artistic journey as a visual artist. It was her daughter who first developed a love of jewelry making and transferred that love to her Mother. Linda's daughter actually taught her the ABC's of jewelry making, and she says her daughter is her favorite jewelry artist. I have a feeling her daughter feels the same way about her talented Mother. According to Linda, "I never met a bead I didn't like," and she has an amazing wall of beads at home that would make any other jewelry designer green with envy. She says she never tires of learning new jewelry making techniques, and this passion for learning shines through brilliantly in her gorgeous jewelry. Here are just a few examples of Linda's work, which can be found in her HAF Shop: http://www.handmadeartistsshop.com/DreamsandEchoes.html
Turquoise and Coral, Southwest Dream, Bracelet OOAK
Czech Glass, Glass, and Sterling Silver Beads, Bohemian Necklace, OOAK
Pearls, Sterling Silver Charms, Czech Glass, By the Beautiful Sea Necklace, OOAK
Linda's beautiful jewelry can also be found in her shop on Etsy:


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