Mourning the Untimely Death of Poster Sketch

Many of us enjoy creating Etsy Treasuries. They're tiny snippets of what we find attractive, amusing and fascinating on Etsy placed into a 16 photo grid. We love collecting the little treasury pieces and putting them together as a beautiful shopper's maze. Hopefully in the end, we're directing traffic to the shops we feature, and I'm sure we all hope a few of the shoppers will visit the curator's shop, too. When a treasury is "hot", it can send hundreds, even thousands of people scurrying to the various featured shops they find intriguing.

When Etsy did away with Poster Sketch, suddenly the art of making a treasury became a little less fun, and treasury makers everywhere immediately went into a period of mourning. Wonky movement of the photos within the treasury, not being able to click back into the shops, losing the ability to save a treasury overnight and launch it in the morning without losing "hotness" and my own personal fave, the DISAPPEARING TREASURY all made us want to scream, "Gimme back my Poster Sketch!!" So here's a few tips for those still suffering from Poster Sketch withdrawal. It doesn't solve every treasury curating problem, but it's a start ...

The moment you start making a treasury, press the "only you" button under Privacy, give your treasury a title, and hit "Save". At that point, you can begin creating your treasury, and no one but you can see it.

Next, load it up with all your fabulous finds. Remember to keep "saving" your selections so you don't lose them. There's nothing worse than painstakingly creating a beautiful treasury, only to inadvertently click out of it and have it totally disappear! When you're finished filling the 16 spaces and you're ready to launch your finished treasury, begin transferring it to a new "public" treasury grid. When you're finished, you'll have a brand new treasury everyone can see, with a fresh "hotness" factor. The reason the hotness factor is important to a treasury is because that is what drives it toward the front of the treasuries list where more shoppers can find it.

Any way you look at it, this method is more work for avid treasury makers than when we had poster sketch, but it will allow you to take your time making your beautiful treasuries and launch them as brand new when you're ready. Until Etsy either brings back the old Poster Sketch or develops a new one with equal or better features, I hope this serves to make treasury curating a little less frustrating and brings back some of the fun!


  1. Thank you for the thank you, Monique! ;)

  2. Hiya Na La....people will be grateful for this :))
    ((((hugs )))) xox
    (Bring back the PS !! )

  3. Wonderful post!! Though I rarely make treasuries it sounded like a feature that would have been so wonderful that I would have wanted to make more of them!! Thank you NaLa ;)

  4. This is so great! I'm a newbie at making treasuries and a perfectionist to boot, never being able to figure out the timing of it all. This is so encouraging! Thanks NaLa!! maybe I'll publish something at long last!!

  5. It's gratifying to know this advice may be helping some people in their treasury making efforts.

    It would still be better if Etsy would replace the old Poster Sketch with a new and improved version, but until they do, at least we have a tiny bit of control over how and when we launch our treasuries ...

  6. Neat trick. I will have to remember that. I was just copying and pasting to my note pad on my computer and then launching when I get the chance. Thanks NaLa.

  7. Thanks so much for the info!

    I am about to reach out and make my very first treasury!

    Wish me luck!!

    ~Be blessed! :)

  8. Thanks Na La very helpful to us new to making treasuries !!