Made for Me by Oaklie

I had a hard time choosing which of Anne Hopfer's websites to highlight for the title of this article. Anne is a multi-talented artist and small business owner, and it's hard to pin her down to one specific area of expertise. Proficient in everything from graphic design to creating beautiful handmade knit and crochet fashions you would think Anne would find precious little time for anything else.

But when she's not busy creating her next beautiful handmade bag or hand knit scarf or designing a banner, avatar or badge for a customer's Etsy shop or blog, she's helping other handmade artists achieve recognition for their own talents. Her Share the Love, Bloggers Unite Featured Artisan is just one example of the kind of showcase she puts together for fellow artists each week on her On Fire for Handmade website. You can see an example below, as I was the lucky featured artisan this week.

As if all this wasn't enough, she is the head of the On Fire for Handmade team on Etsy and the On Fire for Handmade group on Facebook, where she coordinates various activities aimed at promoting her members' shops and achievements.

Talented artisan, leader, teacher, mentor and friend--Anne is a unique and special person. Here are just a few examples of her own beautiful work ...
Crocheted Wristlet Deep Turquoise

Amethyst Dreams Handmade Knit Shawl
Knit Scarf Red and Black Velvety Fluff


  1. She is a most amazing and talented lady and always ready with a helping hand for everyone. Wonderful article thank you Na La.

  2. Awe... Nala.. this is so nice of you! I am truly touched by your kindness!! xoxoxoxo
    Anne ♥

  3. From the first moment I met Anne I was impressed with her tireless energy and continuous momentum . For this I would like to Thank you Anne for all you do for myself @ LunaEssence . xoxoxox

  4. Anne does so much for everyone, she always takes the time to help others out, even if she is busy. She is a very talented artist and such a wonderful person!!! What a great feature NaLa!!!

  5. Anne is a fabulous giving, generous and talented being I have had the pleasure of * knowing * a few years now...Every word and comment I ditto !! x♥x
    Wonderful deserving tribute from another tireless promoter ~ lovely Na La xox

  6. Great entry! Love you both, Anne and NaLa!