Vintage 1960's Kitschy Kaleidoscope Pendant Necklace from jewelry by NaLa

There for whenever you feel the need for a happy little color splash, this vintage 1960's kaleidoscope pendant necklace features a tubular walnut wood grain vessel filled with teeny tiny colored glass bits and beads, just waiting to turn sunlight into a prism of color with a turn or a shake. I tried to capture the contents in a shot, but my camera skills weren't quite up to the task. The kaleidoscope is approximately 2.75 inches long (69.85 mm). The delicate gold tone chain is approximately 19 inches long (48.3 cm).

Caution: Others will undoubtedly want a turn to look through the kaleidoscope while you're wearing it ... think of the fun possibilities! ;)

One owner, jewelry box kept. Excellent vintage condition with some color wear to the chain. 

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