A Response to a Beautiful Woman

This is one TV anchor woman's response to being bullied about her weight:


And the following would be my response to her. I don't necessarily have a weight issue myself, lest anyone think it's sour grapes from another "fatty". I'm just your average every day body type female who's sick to death of the expectations, critiques and criticisms women as a whole have to put up with regarding their bodies ...

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your articulate words to us and to our young people. You have admitted to being overweight, but I beg to disagree with your "fan". You look healthy and beautiful to me.

I'm so tired of society envying and praising the stick figure body type for women. When I see models on the runway, I want to tell them to go have a burger already! They certainly do not look healthy to me, and heaven forbid they should become seriously ill, because I don't think they'd last a day on their bodily reserves.

I don't know exactly how we got into this skinny wannabe mind set (Twiggy comes to mind), but as you point out, it is not only wrong it can be dangerous, especially to young, impressionable girls. They're bombarded at every turn with extremely thin representations of the female body. Magazines photoshop even the most beautiful of women into the same perceived "ideal" version of ultimate beauty. They can't turn on the TV or go to a movie without being reminded that their bodies "don't measure up". And please, don't even get me started on the playboy mentality.

Enough already! Men, stop criticizing women's bodies. Ladies, stop trying to achieve the lowest possible body weight even if it kills you. It's time for real people to become the new beautiful. And as long as it isn't affecting one's health, a few extra pounds never hurt anybody--except at the hands of the Hollywood and main stream media powers that be, certain fashion designers, and bullies. It might be time for all of them to grow up.

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