I voted for Hillary, but ... ‪

I voted for Hillary in the primary election the last time she ran. This time around, I learned about a man named Bernie Sanders, and the more I read about him and heard him speak, the more I loved him. I can't remember a candidate who seemed more honestly concerned for this country and its people. He knows the country is now shaped like a funnel with the richest 1% at the top, and the rest of the 99% falling through the bottom. He wants to close off the bottom and shake everything up so the wealth in this country is more evenly distributed. And he wants to win this job with dignity. 

Hillary has a lot of corporate backers funneling millions into her campaign--she's growing stronger, and she's beginning to take the kid gloves off. During the first debate, it seemed as if she was going to be as scrupulous in her campaign rhetoric as Bernie was, but that recently came to an abrupt stop. 

She struck first when she recently accused Bernie of sexism, which is completely laughable, because Bernie has been a champion of women's issues for decades. Bernie doesn't want to run that sort of campaign, but he won't lie down either. He answered Hillary's cheap shot by reminding us of Hillary's voting record in Congress, including her vote to invade Iraq in 2002. There was nothing wrong with what Bernie did, because he didn't stoop to false accusations, but I'm sure he would agree, it's a shame he even had to do it. 

Despite his desire to run a clean campaign with as little negativity as possible, Bernie won't be a doormat for Hillary, no matter what she thinks. Unfortunately, the news media is going to paint Hillary as the winner, no matter what she pulls, because they're part of the corporate problem and paid contributors to her campaign. 

People NEED to wake up to this and do their own homework. We don't really need the mainstream news media anymore, the Internet is packed with everything we need to know about all the candidates. Yes, there will be false information there, too, but look long enough, and you'll get a consensus and will soon be able to distinguish between lies and truth. Please stop listening to back-stabbing politicians, the corporate owned news media, political polls, paid political ads, and let's elect a president the right way. There is just too much at stake this time. #feelthebern 

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How to Make French Press coffee without the French Press

Any French Press coffee fans out there? Well, most French Press Coffee Makers often contain thin, brittle glass, and if you're anything like me, you've broken 1 or 3 or 4. So here's a great way to get French press coffee without having to buy (or keep replacing) an actual French Press. 

All you need is a 2 cup glass measuring cup, a coffee mug and a plastic coffee filter (one that has the plastic up about 1 inch all the way around the bottom). 

1. Microwave water in a microwave safe coffee mug (approx. 2-3 minutes, depending on the size of your mug)
2. Pour a scoop of ground coffee (more or less according to taste) into the measuring cup 
3. Pour the hot water from your mug into the measuring cup and stir well. Let the coffee brew the same amount of time you would with your French Press, (around 5-10 minutes depending on how strong you like it) 
4. Place the filter over your coffee mug and strain the brewed coffee through it 

That's it! There's no need to "press" anything, because the press is merely used to keep the coffee grounds out of the coffee, not to actually brew the coffee.

Trust me, this method will make great coffee every time--and I've yet to break a measuring cup ... a nice plus!  ;) 

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